Preping your home for fall and winter

Its inevitable. Winter is coming. Here is a check list to help you prepare your home for the up coming seasons.

1. Fertilize your lawn. Dosing your lawn with fertilizer in the fall will trigger renewed growth so your lawn will be thick and healthy come spring time. 

2. Change your furnace filters and have your furnace professionally cleaned. This is especially important because of all the smoke we had during the summer.

3. Clean your gutters. If your gutters get cloggled, the over flow of water can end up flooding your basement, damaging your foundation or ruin the siding on your home. Yikes!!

4. Drain and store your lawn equipment. This is a pretty straight forward step. There will be less likely to have spills, and you'll be very happy with your self when you take your equipment out in the spring and they are like new!

5. Turn off and drain your outside faucets. This is huge, frozen pipes are no joke. Your outside faucet can burst causing water to freely flow, then freeze into a giant liability. Scarier still, your pipes can burst INSIDE your home flooding your basement or even the inside of your walls. 

6. Clean and inspect your chimney. Hire a professional to do this job. Just to make sure there isn't a wonderful little bird family living in there, or there isn't some other blockage or problems that can reek all sorts of havoc. 

7. Get your ice melt and snow shovels ready!! Ugh. 

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