This is not TLC

We all love the shows where staging means a crew of men wearing tool belts and hard hats, walls being torn down, new furniture and a huge budget, THAT IS NOT WHAT THIS IS. And it is so not necessary. Effective staging to sell evaulates a home's selling features and highlights those features. Sometimes (often times actually) it's wise to repaint, change hardware on doors and cabinets, assess floor conditions etc but the real art in staging is not in the accessories, it's in the home itself. 


....for all our clients who list with us! So what exactly does that mean? It means that I will use my training as a professional home stager to do a thorough evaluation of your home and identify and  

showcase its best features, giving your home an advantage over others on the market. I will provide you with an indepth consultation that will outline, step by step, how to prepare your home to sell, and I will make it much easier than you may think!